Upgrading OpenBSD 6.4 to 6.5 on Hetzner Cloud

Published on 2019-06-08 and last updated on 2019-11-17

This guide explains how to upgrade an OpenBSD 6.4 server running on Hetzner Cloud to OpenBSD 6.5.

Open your OpenBSD 6.4 server in the Hetzner Cloud Console and mount the OpenBSD 6.5 image.

cloud console mount openbsd 6.5 image

Reboot the server to start the upgrade process.

user@host ~$: reboot

Open the web console.

openbsd update welcome screen

Choose Upgrade.

keyboard layout selection

Enter your keyboard layout.

root disk selection

Select the root disk.

file system check

Decide whether to check non-root filesystems.

set location

Enter http to download the sets from an OpenBSD mirror server.

set http proxy

Set your HTTP proxy.

set download source

Select a mirror server. (Type ? and Enter to view a list of available servers.)

selected sets

Select your sets. Usually they should be the same as during the OpenBSD installation. You might need the x* sets for PHP.

finished set installation

Wait until the sets have been installed.

installation done screen

Unmount the OpenBSD 6.5 image then reboot.

welcome screen after reboot

OpenBSD has been upgraded successfully.

Remove obsolete files:

user@host ~$: rm /usr/include/openssl/asn1_mac.h

user@host ~$: rm /usr/bin/c2ph \
  /usr/bin/pstruct \
  /usr/libdata/perl5/Locale/Codes/API.pod \
  /usr/libdata/perl5/Module/CoreList/TieHashDelta.pm \
  /usr/libdata/perl5/Unicode/Collate/Locale/bg.pl \
  /usr/libdata/perl5/Unicode/Collate/Locale/fr.pl \
  /usr/libdata/perl5/Unicode/Collate/Locale/ru.pl \
  /usr/libdata/perl5/unicore/lib/Sc/Cham.pl \
  /usr/libdata/perl5/unicore/lib/Sc/Ethi.pl \
  /usr/libdata/perl5/unicore/lib/Sc/Hebr.pl \
  /usr/libdata/perl5/unicore/lib/Sc/Hmng.pl \
  /usr/libdata/perl5/unicore/lib/Sc/Khar.pl \
  /usr/libdata/perl5/unicore/lib/Sc/Khmr.pl \
  /usr/libdata/perl5/unicore/lib/Sc/Lana.pl \
  /usr/libdata/perl5/unicore/lib/Sc/Lao.pl \
  /usr/libdata/perl5/unicore/lib/Sc/Talu.pl \
  /usr/libdata/perl5/unicore/lib/Sc/Tibt.pl \
  /usr/libdata/perl5/unicore/lib/Sc/Xsux.pl \
  /usr/libdata/perl5/unicore/lib/Sc/Zzzz.pl \
  /usr/share/man/man1/c2ph.1 \
  /usr/share/man/man1/pstruct.1 \

Run syspatch to install available operating system patches:


Update all packages installed with pkg_add:

user@host ~$: pkg_add -u

Check whether your config files need to be updated:

user@host ~$: sysmerge -d


You are done.